Mixed Municipal Waste

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Wah & Hua Pte Ltd

Who are we?

Wah & Hua Pte Ltd is a home-grown Singapore company, established since 1978. The vision of the company is to provide and assist organisations with total integrated environmental services and highest standard of services It is one of the leading waste management operator that provides a complete range of innovative environmental services and solution to commercials and industries

The company is a multi-material recycling and waste Management Company that provides service for the collection of recyclables materials from small business to large corporations.

Our Services

Wah & Hua collect products like paper, cardboard, mix drink containers, rigid plastic, film plastic, construction waste, general waste, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wood crates and pallets. The company also provide a other services like confidential shredding and destruction of obsolete/defective products and has the capability to provide a full range of waste removal and disposal services to complement recycling services.

The company also provides Waste-to-Energy solutions in Singapore along with Waste-to-Product solutions to help achieve the vision of a circular economy.

Why Us?

Due to the family-oriented entrepreneurial culture, building relationship is of utmost importance to the company. WH are committed to provide high-quality service to all customers, build relationships with employees that are based on trust and respect and build relationships with suppliers based on commitment and transparency.

At the same time, the company is passionate about being an ethical business with the responsibility to create positive value back to the environment.

Why us?

Xeon’s solution is critical to achieving Blue Planet's vision of zero waste to landfill. The technology captures the methane released from organic waste and has the potential to displace energy derived from fossil fuels. It also plays an important role in reducing the daily flow of organic waste to landfills in areas with poor waste management.

EnergyBin is a customisable stand-alone unit that can process anything from 100 kilograms to 5 tonnes of organic waste daily. Xeon has a wide client base, with EnergyBin units being installed in hotels and resorts, residential schools, municipal corporations, housing societies and railway stations across India. Some of Xeon’s customers include Tata Consultancy Services, Reliance Industries and the Kathmandu Municipal Corporation.