About Us

Blue Planet is a pan-Asian company driving regional sustainability through technology driven andIP based end to end solutions, for waste management and up-cycling.

We aim to become an industry leader in sustainable and socially inclusive end-to-end environmental solutions. BluePlanet Environmental Solutions (BPES) is a Private Limited headquartered in Singapore that is fully regulated by Singaporean corporate law and codes of practice.

Our Mission

BluePlanet strives to be a socially inclusive market player with carefully integrated end to end solutions for waste management with profound and positive impact on both people and planet.

We work to create a formidable team of thought leaders with a credible track record of success in enhancing existing processes and adding significant commercial values from cross functional synergies.

Our Vision

We aspire to create the most sustainable waste management enterprise in Asia.

Our Values

A clean and healthy environment for urban and rural dwellers will dramatically improve the quality of life for all those living at the bottom of the pyramid, providing them with the dignity of honest labour, improved education, better tools and various other aspects of social upliftment.

Our Team

Prashant Singh

Madhujeet Chimni

Bharadwaj Chivukula

Manavjeet Chimni

Sanjay Jalali

Sin Ee Wuen

Dr Martin A. Blake

Jessica Cheam

Bradley Chew

Our Partners